We are Medium Station

Outside - a production company with over 20 years of history.
Inside - a family of like-minded people.

The company's name was inspired by Clifford D. Simak ‘s novel of the same name /Way station/. It tells the story of a man who takes care of an outer space way station. It is an intersection of alien civilizations each different from the other. 

Although we made our breakthrough with the TV show Clash which pitted two opposing viewpoints against each other in a boxing ring, we know that the truth is always in the middle.


For already two decades we have been balancing between different types of genres, between funny and serious, between causes and entertainment. We have accumulated over 30 successful formats that were aired in Bulgaria. Dozens of realized projects, thousands of hours of television content and millions of people watching us in the prime time of national television are some of our accomplishments. Although we are not proud from some of them, they made us an example of sustainable development and professionalism at an international level resulting with productions in Serbia and Macedonia.

Medium station is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Television Producers.

Today, the company sets trends in the content of the Bulgarian television and media market in both original author's shows and in the adaptation of international license formats.

Everything flows, everything changes. We have started with Talk shows then upgraded with reality shows and recently we are investing in series and movies. Our next step is the Internet.



Ivan Hristov
Andrey Arnaudov


Svetla Ivanova
Kaloyan Spassov
Miron Krumov
Chief screenwriter
Vasil Bulyanski
Executive producer (Movies and TV Shows)
Petko Hristev
Sales Manager
Doroteya Toleva
Manager of International Contacts